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Advertise with Auto Traffic Exchanges!

Auto traffic exchange sites are what they imply — sites where traffic is exchanged automatically. For every site visited by you, you will get a credit, which in turn is converted into a page visit to any of your sites. To make money online, you need to advertise, so these types of advertising sites are meant to help with exposure.

Traffic Exchanges come in different exchange ratios. Typically, 3:1, 2:1, and 1:1. 3:1 would require 3 visits to earn 1 visit in return. 1:1 would require 1 for 1. Lower ratio TEs may give more bonus credits, faster hits, cheaper upgrades and prices, etc., than higher ratio TEs.

There are two types of traffic exchanges (hover to read): Manual Traffic Exchange - Auto Traffic Exchange - The Difference

Note: Do not mind the low security features these sites provide. Although you can make money directly from some of these traffic exchanges, it is not their main purpose. Hence, security is not highly important, but still must be rated.

Auto Hits
Auto Hits
Code Gray: No paying feature; site is about traffic & not $
  • Exchange Rate: 5:4
  • Waiting Time/page: 30 seconds
  • Memberships: Basic (free), Silver, Gold
  • Payment Method: PayPal, Payza, E-Gold
  • Minimum Payout: No paying feature
  • Regions: International
  • Accounts/Household: 1
  • Inactivity Ban: After 90 Days
  • Affiliate Levels: 1
  • Affiliate Bonuses: 0.1 credits/referral showing a site
  • Overall Rating:
  • Payment Proof: No paying feature
  • Category: Auto Traffic Exchanges
  • Comment: A pretty good auto traffic exchange, dispite its outdated look and no commissions feature. Very good servers for surfing, and hardly any bad sites shown (they seem to remove them right away).
Code Red: Dead site.
  • Comment: A pretty good auto traffic exchange with hardly any timeout pages. It also features commissions after surfing every 1005 pages! Note: Site is in pending status!