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AutoHits Review

Free Auto Traffic Exchange...

AutoHits is a free auto traffic exchange that has been online for many years. It has an outdated look from the late 90s but still provides the same service of serving free hits (A.K.A. page views). These type of sites are only meant for exposure and not really for anything else (regardless of what some other auto TEs may proclaim).


Pretty good servers, hardly any time outs, and sites are manually approved for safer surfing.


For an auto traffic exchange, their selling and upgrade costs are a tad high. And there aren't many features on the site either. Some may argue that the 30 second timer is too much for an auto traffic exchange, but high timers may help expose your sites better since auto exchanges do no require manual clicking. It is quite debatable if 30 seconds is bad or not.


AutoHits is an advertising site for exchanging page views. Simply put, advertising here is about quantity than quality, which is expected from auto traffic exchanges. For that, AutoHits can benefit those seeking not only free traffic but exposure without spending much or at all while also promoting through other means that may require a lot more time and money.

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