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Pretty Well Known Legit GPT Site...

CashCrate has a nicer affiliate program than TreasureTrooper. However, CashCrate doesn't provide a mini-game after completing offers (for special items), or a special shop where you can trade items for other useful things. Nonetheless, CashCrate has other great features, such as: Bonus points to redeem for prizes (gift cards, video games, etc.), a daily check-in feature that pays, video commercials that pay, a toolbar with a search engine that pays (more info below), and as mentioned, their affiliate program is better.

Earning from the CashCrate toolbar is certainly awesome and a great way to help reach minimum without stressing about being credited. This toolbar contains a search engine that pays members a $0.50 bonus for every 25 qualified* web searches! However, there is a limit of 10 qualified searches a day, which would require two days and a half at least to get credited. Qualified searches mean no random, rapid searches with non-existant keywords — so do natural searches as you would with Google or Yahoo!

Affiliate Program

The affiliate program earns you 20% earnings from people you personally refer, and 10% from 2nd level referrals. For e.g., if your referral makes $10 from offers (surveys/quizzes/sign-ups/etc.), you earn $2 dollars. If your referral's referral (your 2nd level referral) makes $10 from offers, you automatically earn $1. Imagine recruiting a bunch of people, and your people recruite a bunch of other people! Additionally, you will earn $3 on your personal referrals if they reach $10 for the first time! But what I also found pretty cool was the dynamic Referral Levels system. For those that are amazing at referring, your Referral Level increases after recruiting a certain amount of active members. Referring 50 members gets you to Silver Level, then at 150 to Gold Level, 300 to Platinum Level, and 500 to Elite Level (hover to see info). The higher the level, the higher the percentage you earn from 1st and 2nd level referrals. Unfortunately, to level, active members must be from the US, Canada, or the UK to reach these levels (CashCrate is international, though).

Credit Note

However, be advised that you won't always get credits for every survey, quiz, or sign-up (except for the guaranteed bonuses from check-ins, videos and toolbar web searches). This is not CashCrate's fault or a "scam". Advertisers don't always pay you for a number of reasons (CashCrate doesn't get paid either). Note that this will happen with any GPT webiste out there like TreasureTrooper, MyPoints, and the like. Visit the Tutorials & Tips section on the left for pointers on how to increase the odds of getting offers approved.

Additional Info:

Here's a list of ways to earn...

  • Completing offers through a series of advertisements
  • Sample products and free trials
  • Completing up to 2 surveys per day about products or services
  • Cash back from shopping through selected online stores through their site
  • Checking in once per day
  • Watching commercial videos
  • Web searching through their toolbar
  • Referring
  • Participating in contests


The affiliate program is 2 levels deep and 2nd level earnings is 10%! Members can also increase their Referral Level to increase earning percentages depending on how many they recruit. There's also a $3 bonus if 1st level referrals make their first $10! Furthermore, there is a points system where members can exchange for in-store prizes — such as gift cards, video games and more. There is also a forum where members share tips and help. This GPT also offers a check-in feature where members just click on its button to get paid 3 cents per day. Newest feature: Video commercials for members to view to earn from!


Offers and surveys are hard to approve (this is common in all GPT sites). The staff won't help members with checking the status of finished work that are still in pending status. Cashout is also pretty high ($20) considering that not all offers and surveys credit.


Like any other GPT site, getting offers, surveys, trials, and the like, can be hard to approve and earn. Checking in and watching videos are always approved, though, and are a very helpful feature to reach minimum quicker. And rest assured, CashCrate always pays what it owes since 2006.

CashCrateA short suggestion to get the most out of CashCrate is by creating multiple email accounts for filling out offers. It's hard to get offers to credit sometimes, so for higher chances, rotate the use of your emails. Some people recommend GMX email service since you can create multiple emails under one account.

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