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FusionCash Review

Easier GPT with PTC...

FusionCash is an easy GPT thanks to some of its features not usually found on other Get Paid To sites. If you're tired of struggling with offers and surveys, you can earn $0.15 a day from its PTC feature, $0.02 from the daily email ad, and from the few provided video commercials that pay. Earning from referrals is also a great way since FusionCash has a great referral system.


The 15 cents from the PTC section and the daily email ad. There's a $5 bonus for signing up (for new members only). There's a $1 bonus from referring new members, another $2 when they finish their first survery or offer, and another $5 when they cash out. The $5 bonus from cashout is continuous for life from each and every referral. Most GPTs pay by Check only, but FusionCash also pays by PayPal and Direct Deposit as well. There are NO cashout fees regardless of paying method!


Credits from offers expire after 180 days! This is a terrible way to keep members active. Once you make an account, try to cashout before the half year goes by or else you'll lose the $5 bonus plus the rest of the earnings you've rightfully earned. However, at least they do keep a status page of all the dates from each and every credited offer and when they'll expire. It is advisable to keep track of dates once in a while.

Other Thoughts

As all GPT sites work, some offers refuse to credit. This is not the GPT site's fault but the sponsors that run the offers. Fortunately, the PTC and PTR earnings always credit as long as you follow instructions correctly. And speaking of PTC and PTR, all members are allowed to earn by just PTC and PTR offers alone without the need to do other offers, surveys or anything else. Members must at least make $15 by their own efforts if they want to cashout referral earnings, though.

Although FusionCash's referral program is not as good as CashCrate's and TreasureTrooper's, it still has a great referral system that far surpasses InboxDollars' (along with a lower minimum cashout).

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