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SendEarnings Review

Sister Site of InboxDollars...

SendEarnings is a pretty old and reliable GPT site that has a large member base due to its age and its legitimacy in business. Also the younger sister site of InboxDollars. Members earn cash by doing: surveys, offers, emails, watching videos, searching the web, purchasing through selected online stores, and more.


It's old. Paying sites that are over 5 years old that still pay are amazing — but being over 10 years old is such an accomplishment! There are plenty of offers, surveys, trials, and more for members to earn in different ways. They also send paid to read email ads directly to your email account for some quick and easy earnings.


Minimum payout is pretty high ($30) and they only pay by checks (with a $3 fee). Why don't they use PayPal or Payza? Getting paid is also a pain. Members must be active on the month they're requesting or else their payment won't be sent without prior warning (though it is specified in their terms). Another thing to note is that it does not take 30 days to get paid but more. When a member requests payment on any day of the month, payment will be received on the third month (not on the following). The referral system isn't very motivational either since referrers only earn 10% from referrals (when other GPTs offer 20% and 10% or less for 2nd level).

Paid emails stop being sent after the site notices when the member does nothing else on the site. So if you only register for the paid emails, then forget about it because you'll stop getting them sooner or later.

This GPT also has zero tolerance for cheaters, and because SendEarnings has a bad habbit of advertising itself through offers that spam, even honest members may unintentionally create more than one account (only one account per household is permitted).

Other Thoughts

Well, to be honest, I'm not a real fan of SendEarnings. They don't have activity stats and bonuses that are usually available on other GPT sites. And the referral system is pretty awful if compared to CashCrate's, TreasureTrooper's and even FusionCash's. Though SendEarnings is more popular, its lesser known competitors are a lot more rewarding and less strict.

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