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TreasureTrooper Review

Legit GPT for Years...

TreasureTrooper is a GPT (get paid to) site that offers daily surveys, ad offers and job tasks. It is very similar to other GPT sites, including CashCrate and FusionCash, but also includes "treasure items" to exchange for real prizes, referrals or other different items.

Affiliate Program

TreasureTrooper also has a nice affiliate program where members earn 20% earnings from people they personally refer, and 5% from the people the member's referrals refer. For example, if your referral makes $10 from offers (surveys/quizzes/sign-ups/etc.), you earn a total bonus of $2 dollars. If your referral's referral makes $10 from offers, you automatically earn $0.50. Now, imagine recruiting a bunch of people, and your people recruite a bunch of other people!

Credit Note

However, be advised that if you join, you won't always get credits for every offer, quiz, or sign-up you finish. This is not TreasureTrooper's fault nor is it a "scam". Advertisers don't always pay you for a number of reasons (TreasureTrooper doesn't get paid either). Note that this will happen with any GPT site out there like CashCrate, MyPoints, and the like. Visit the Tutorials & Tips section on the left for pointers on how to increase the odds of getting offers approved.

Additional Info:

Here's a list of ways to earn...

  • Completing offers through a series of advertisements
  • Completing tasks
  • Sampling products and free trials
  • Completing up to 3 surveys per day about products or services
  • Cash back from shopping through selected online stores through their site
  • Referring friends
  • Participating in contests


The affiliate program is 2 levels deep! Members are also given items from mini games, such as pearls where members can collect 8 of them to exchange for 2 unreferred members to keep!! The site also has a forum where members help each other. Additionally, members can send messages to their downline, and members can also change their settings to stop receiving messages from others. Many contests and "quests" are availabe as well for extra fun and earning money or gifts.


Offers and surveys are hard to approve (this is common in all GPT sites). The staff won't help members with checking the status of finished work that are still in pending status. And unfortunately, members cannot cash out from pure CashClick earnings (unavailable now) or from tasks. Cashout is also a little high ($20) considering that offers and surveys don't always approve.


Like any other GPT site, getting offers, surveys, trials, and the like, can be hard to approve to earn from. Nonetheless, TreasureTrooper always pays what it owes. Very reliable team and good customer service.

TreasureTrooper banner ad A short suggestion to get the most out of TreasureTrooper is by creating multiple email accounts for when completing offers (but try using your main email account for registering — don't worry, they don't spam or sell your email address). Since some offers won't credit you, to increase the good odds, rotate the use of your emails. Some people recommend GMX email service since you can create multiple emails under one account. For more information and tips, check the Tutorials & Tips section.

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