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UniqueRewards Review

UniqueRewards is a GPT (get paid to) paying site with a few unique features worth trying out to earn some extra cash online. Though the site's look takes you back to the early 2000's, UniqueRewards does not slack on features and payments. These are the following actvities to earn from:

  • Offers
  • Surveys
  • Cashback Shopping
  • Tasks (a.k.a. micro jobs or mini jobs)
  • Radio
  • Videos
  • Click Cash (PTC ads)
  • Referring

Why try UniqueRewards?

UniqueRewards offers a variety of ways to earn some extra cash online. The minimum to cashout is $20 (PayPal or check), which is considered pretty fair in the GPT industry. From efforts alone (as in earning without referrals), members can cash out every month if active on the PTC ads, videos and/or with the radio offer alone.
(For a tutorial on how to cashout every month effortlessly, click here.)

This GPT's one unique advantage of increasing earnings is by first making $20 to reach the Gold upgrade automatically. The gold status increases certain activities' cash rewards by 40%. For example, if you were to complete a $10 offer, you will earn $14 instead. No other GPT I've come accross does this. However, don't get too excited yet. What is really going on is that basic members earn less from this GPT at first. After becoming a Gold member, that's when UniqueRewards pays more than most other GPTs. From the small comparisons I've personally done, I'd say you get about 10% more here, which is still pretty good.
Note that only offers, surveys and cashback shopping earnings are increased, AND NOT from profile surveys, PTC ads, radio, videos and cash tasks.

Another UniqueRewards uniqueness is the PTC section (known as Click Cash), which offers 22 cents a day on average ($0.16 - $0.33). These ads are worth $0.01; nothing more, nothing less (no micro ads!). Few videos are available a day, most rewarding 1 cent. The radio offer works the same as it does on any other GPT site; earn a cent every 10 minutes on online radio from RadioLoyalty.

UniqueRewards Referral Program

This is where UniqueRewards doens't shine as bright as some other GPT sites. Members earn a $1 bonus from each referral completing their first offer or survey (once). Another $5 is rewarded when referrals upgrade to Gold (which is also once). Not bad at all from those two bonuses, of course. The problem is the 10% referral commission program (i.e.: your referral completes a $10 offer; you earn $1). The 10% commission only works on offers, surveys and cashback shopping.

UniqueRewards' 10% on commissions is pretty low compared to other GPTs'. For example, CashCrate has a two level referral program, which is 20% commissions from direct referrals and 10% from the referrals' referrals. UniqueRewards' is only 1 level, so you won't even earn from your referrals' referrals activities.

Despite the low commission percentage, though, the referral program is not bad. Coupled with the referrals' Gold status, and the $1 and $5 referral bonuses, that's good enough for referring if you want to earn more from UniqueRewards.

Other Thoughts

UniqueRewards is a great GPT for many that I would recommend for certain people. I believe that UniqueRewards is one of the best GPTs for those that don't like referring. Thanks to its Click Cash section and the radio offer, members can easily (and effortlessly) cash out the minimum $20 requirement every month. Its referral program may not be great but it's still good. The site has issues loading sometimes but UniqueRewards has a very good reputation when it comes to paying.

Any experiences (good or bad), payments proof, GPT comparisons, tips or suggestions you would like to share about UniqueRewards below?

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