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How to Earn Extra Cash Multitasking

You can easily earn some extra cash online while multitasking on your computer without much effort on your part. But before I explain any further, this is NOT some kind of hype or ridiculous get-rich-quick scheme. This method is guaranteed to make you some extra cash online for small things such as: paying for your personal cell phone a month, upgrading to some paying sites, subscribing to services like Netflix or Hulu, for a used video game purchase on eBay, for saving up to upgrade your computer, or for just whatever you can afford with the extra cash. With the least minimum effort, it can be from $8 a month or up to $25 if you're very active on the computer. For those that are more serious, you can also earn hundreds per month but with the help of referals (optional).

You can earn while checking your email, socializing on your favorite social network, reading the news, or just about anything that your computer can do while you're using it. To earn cash multitasking, all you need is a computer with broadband internet, a web browser, one email address (zero spam) and a Paypal account (other options available depending on the paying site and your region).

First off, you will need to register at one (and only one) site below. DO NOT join more than ONE site to work on the same offers. Your accounts will be suspended! DO NOT create multiple accounts on the same site either!

  • FusionCash: $5 signup bonus, daily $0.15 in PTC, and the only recommended referral program for this kind of earning
  • UniqueRewards: $5 signup bonus & daily PTC earnings of up to $0.33 total
  • TreasureTrooper: $1 signup bonus with teamwork bonuses
  • ClixSense: One of the best PTCs around and lowest cashout

Extra Cash Multitasking Steps

For this tutorial on how to earn extra cash multitasking, I suggest FusionCash because of its potential especially suited for this kind of earning. No other paying site is best (that I personally know of) for this kind of earning activity.

FusionCash radio link

After joining FusionCash (or another of the sites listed above), look for the Radio link. At FusionCash, it's on the main text menu at the top, like in the example image above.

FusionCash radio offer description

A simple description of the radio offer will be explained before you click on the next link that starts RadioLoyalty. For every 10 minutes the radio offer plays, a SolveMedia captcha code will pop up to verify that you're human (and on the computer) and will reward you with 1 cent after you answer the captcha. If you don't answer within 8 minutes or so, the captcha just disappears (without crediting) but will appear in another 10 minutes or less. No need to stress yourself if you're busy away from the computer.

By the way, RadioLoyalty is the sponsor of the radio offer, which is why you shouldn't do this offer on more than one site. All the recommended paying sites that have the radio offer are from RadioLoyalty.

FusionCash radio offer RadioLoyalty

Do not feel discouraged by the amount that it pays. The radio plays by itself while you multitask with other activities: such as making more money through other sites, advertising, chating with friends, socializing on Facebook or Twitter, playing online games, or just about anything else you can do with a computer. The pennies just accumulate by themselves with hardly any effort on your part. Before you know it, you'll have a few dollars saved up!

FusionCash - Earn Cash Multitasking
As seen on this screen shot, I am multitasking on the bottom browser while RadioLoyalty plays on the browser in the background.

There are different stations to choose from to listen to. There's 70's, 80's, 90's, 2000's, blues, classical, rock, techno, etc. It also includes a volume control for in such cases when you need or want to momentarily listen to something else on the computer. You can also have the web browser minimized while you're working on full screen with other applications (a timer, such as the Simple Timer add-on for Firefox, is recommended to remind you of the captcha).

How to Increase Earnings Without Referrals

Now, since this is an article about how to effortlessly make extra cash multitasking, I thought about discussing a few options on how to increase earnings without much effort and need of referrals. From the recommended site list above, FusionCash still remains the better choice. However, that does not mean that you can't join all the sites to earn some extra from each of them (as long as you don't repeat the same exact offers for each different site).

For FusionCash, there's a Paid to Click section that pays exactly $0.15 once every day. All you need to do is look at 4 pages, then look at an offer page, then look at FusionCash's coupons page, and then solve the captcha in the end. It only takes about 4 minutes to complete, which is pretty fast for 15 cents. You'll get to look at what's the current price on gasoline at your area, check the current weather, check the current news on entertainment or sports...or even look at the Babe or Hulk of the day. :) You'll get paid for doing just that! Lastly, another convenient offer is the $0.02 daily email. None of the other listed sites above provide these same nice offers.

FusionCash PTC screenshot

UniqueRewards also has its own PTC section, though they call it Click Cash. Unlike FusionCash, UniqueRewards' Click Cash section works a lot more similar to traditional PTCs. You click on a $0.01 ad, wait for 30 seconds, and then click another ad for another 30 seconds for a cent -- and so forth for the rest of the ads. The great things about Click Cash is that there are no "micro ads" ($0.001, or a tenth of a cent) and there's around 22 ads per day. There's days when I've earned $0.30 in total from Click Cash alone.

UniqueRewards Click Cash screenshot

TreasureTrooper has no simpler way to earn effortlessly besides working in teams. But unlike the others, TreasureTrooper has a unique system for teams to earn as a group for bonuses. However, since I'm comfortable with FusionCash's radio offer, I haven't tried TT's team system, so I really can't say much about it. Besides teams, another simpler method to increase earnings is by using its search engine. Unfortunately, TT's paid to search is an incredibly slow earner that I just don't recommend. (For paid to search, SwagBucks and ZoomBucks are the way to go, by the way.)

As for ClixSense, since it is a PTC site, that, in itself, is the easy way to earn extra cash effortlessly. Other than that, one convenience, though, is that the minimum payout is the lowest ($8), whereas the others' are $20 to $25.

An offer I should mention is video ads. All these sites provide them and pay for just viewing them (usually a cent or two). Some people would recommend cash tasks (also available on all sites) but I personally wouldn't if time is of value to you. Most are easy to do but require complete focus and too much time for just a few cents in return.

Multiplying Earnings with Referrals

Referring is always optional. You do NOT need to refer others to earn cash multitasking or doing other tasks. Nonetheless, referring can earn you from a few couple of bucks to even hundreds per month. Since this article is about earning cash by multitasking effortlessly, I highly recommend FusionCash above the rest because of the reasons stated below.

At FusionCash, you don't earn a certain percentage from your referrals' activities. Instead, you earn by each referral's accomplishments. There's high importance in this because the radio offer does not share revenue with the referer (a.k.a. sponsor, upline or simply you in this case).

Why Refer for FusionCash

Each and every time your referral cashes out, you will earn a $5 bonus to your account. It doesn't matter if the referral focused on the radio offer, surveys, videos, etc. They cash out; you earn $5.

Why Not Refer for the Others?

Don't get me wrong, although TreasureTrooper and ClixSense have a generous referral system (UniqueReward's is so-so), the radio offer earnings do not apply. So if you were to refer someone, and that someone only focuses on earning from the radio, then you'll not benefit whatsoever. You will earn from your referrals if they complete other offers, surveys, etc., but not from the radio offer.


To earn extra cash multitasking with the radio offer is simple and effortlessly. You can do this while doing anything else on your computer, whether it be on Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome, Android, or any other operating system that supports web browsers. If you have two or more monitors, it makes it even easier to multitask while earning.

I highly recommend FusionCash out of the rest because of its referral program if you plan on increasing your earnings through this multitasking method. If you're not interested in increasing your earnings with help from others, both FursionCash and UniqueRewards should be your best options because of their PTC sections. If you're not interested in PTCs but would like to increase your earnings a little bit (and in a fun way), I recommend TreasureTrooper because of their teams feature rewarding with bonuses. If you're very interested in PTCs and/or the low cashout and would like to earn more without the need of referrals (compared to other PTCs), then ClixSense is for you.

Do you have any recommendations or ideas to add of your own?

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