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EasyHits4U Review

The No. 1 Traffic Exchange...!

This is one of the best traffic exchange sites out there (if not the best). For every surf you make here, you earn 1 or half a credit (depending on your choice; both are good options). Credits turn into hits whenever you assign them to your site(s). Not only that, they also pay you $0.30 per 1000 surfs you make! Not very interested about the extra money? Well, EasyHits4U doesn't focus on paying you; they focus on traffic quality! Paying you is just a cool extra, so don't worry. Not only is that bonus great, but EasyHits4U also has an affiliated program for credit-earning of 5 levels deep (10%-5%-3%-2%-1%)!!

Additional Info

In short...

  • Surf sites from other members to acquire pageviews for your sites in return
  • Earn bonuses while surfing
  • Earn extra credits from referral surfs
  • Earn cash while surfing and referring


Free to join, 1:1 surfing ratio without the need to upgrade (that's rare in TEs), option to surf as 2:1 surfing ratio for decreasing timer and earning more bonuses, more features than the regular TE, 10 cents per recruited member, and 30 cents earned per 1000 pages surfed. Another fantastic thing about this TE is that your credits are eaten up really, really fast (and they're unique hits). The site rarely has page errors, regardless of how many other sites you're surfing at the same time. Best servers compared to other TEs.


Other TEs increase your ratio beyond 1:1 when upgrading and include better commission features. Also, free members do not earn commissions from their referrals' purchases or upgrades. Upgraded members only get commissions (of up to 40%) from their first level referrals buying Easy Splash Builder and Easy Rotator tools. Most other TEs pay you in commissions for just about anything your referrals pay (and yes, even free members). Furthermore, even though security is not very important for traffic exchanges, EH4U should improve it to be even greater.


If you're into traffic exchanges, you shouldn't go without EasyHits4U. It is one of the oldest, fairest and most professional TEs around. A free member here is better off than upgrading at most TEs. But upgrading here is not worth much unless you want free referrals, though.

EasyHits4U has been rated number one by Affiliate Funnel, Start Xchange, Traffic Exchange List, and won an Award of Excellence from Hit Exchange News in traffic exchange sites. You can't go wrong with EasyHits4U. It's highly recommended.

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