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Hit2Hit Review

Simply the Best 2:1 Traffic Exchange...

Hit2Hit may look outdated but it still provides a great deal of free traffic. This manual traffic exchange is well known accross the internet marketing industry and even known as the best 2:1 exchange by many. If you're trying to avoid any TE that is not 1:1, perhaps you should only give this 2:1 exchange a try.


Low timer, great servers, nice ratio, inexpensive upgrades, and many bonuses. This traffic exchange is pretty popular and well respected by many. There are many constant contests where even free members win real cash and upgrades by just surfing. The owner and admin, Francisca Kruissink, is very energetic, helpful, and her customer support is great. Upgraded members' sites are also promoted to 30+ other manual traffic exchanges for no additional fees. On most tuesdays and fridays, every 100 sites surfed rewards members with 30 or 40 credits (rarely 50).


The site layout is pretty horrid, but simple and easy to navigate. And after surfing a certain amount of pages, an annoying and loud browser pop-up interrupts the surfer to answer a question. Also, when winning a one-month upgrade, it only lasts for 23 days instead of a full month.


Hit2Hit works great, has great customer support and pays its members all the time. As for the 6 second timer (when surfing), it has mixed feelings from many members. Personally, the timer does not make as much impact as the look and effectiveness of the sites being promoted. For example, a well-designed splash page that is great on calling the attention of others for only 6 seconds is more effective than an unattractive splash page with 20 seconds or more.

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