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CashGopher Review

myLot's Software Program that Pays...

CashGopher is a software program from myLot that provides pop-up ads and over-ads on web pages with relevant content. This software shares revenue earnings with PC owners that install and run CashGopher and refer others.


There is no necessity to click on ads to earn! Running the software in the background is enough! Software may be installed on any number of computers under the same account for higher earnings!


Pop-ups! Pop-ups! While using a browser (any browser), that same browser will open new windows with ads from time to time. Visiting online stores will also make the software pop-up a comparison on the same page of similar items on sale (convenient for some, annoying to others). The software will also interfere on the sites (any site) you visit by taking you first to a frame with an ad where you must click on the "skip ad" link above to continue to the site you wanted to go to in the first place. There are no settings to stop ads or interferences besides the stop option to shut down the program completely. Not to mention, earnings are slow (but not as slow as myLot's forum) and referral earnings are limited to a year per referral.


Honestly, I can't stand this software. It's a slow earner with a lot of interfering page ads and pop-up ads. Installed on 1 computer takes over a year to reach minimum (without counting referral earnings). Luckily for me, I only have it installed on my old, slow laptop. If interested in earning a little extra and you're good at referring, this software does have potential for some good extra cash. I highly recommend not to install it on important computers since there's no telling what harmful ads may appear and infect your computer.

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