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Gomez Peer Review

Earn Extra Cash by Literally Doing Nothing...

Gomez Peer is a peer program that measures "the real-world performance of Web sites — from the end-user's perspective." The company researches the internet to find ways to improve the online world by selling its information to 3rd parties (don't worry, personal data is not collected). For this, they pay users to help them out. The program doesn't slow your computer down (only uses about 1-2% CPU) and it's hardly noticeable. They accept international and dial-up users. When you turn your PC on, it pops up but you can just "close" it so it can work on the background. You can install it on as many PCs as you want (highly recommendable by them and myself). Downside is it's only for PC users and you must wait periods of 14 days to see if you qualify to earn from them. If you don't qualify for the first 2 weeks, try again by having it installed another 14 days (you may try as long as you'd like). Once qualified to earn, you'll earn as long as you keep the program installed.

Additional Info

Here are the ways to earn...

  • Have Gomez Peer run automatically every time on your PC
  • Install on other PCs with Windows XP, Vista and/or 7
  • Refer people

Gomez Peer Too Picky

The company is very picky on which users to pay. To my understanding, it seems that the way to become an "Active user" is by installing the program onto many computers under the same username. I used 3 computers with it and it took me a month to get to Active status (on September 8th, 2009), but my 3rd computer is rarely used, so perhaps 2 computers should be enough to qualify. The more computers you have, the more chances for active status and better $$$ you'll get in return.

No Hassles or Annoyances

The software does not display annoying ads nor does it interfere with websites to recommend you something. Once you turn on your computer and Windows loads, the software will pop-up on the top-left corner, and that's it. Closing it will not affect anything -- it will just continue running in the background. That's the only "annoyance". However, it seems to install a program called Gozilla, which happens to crash a lot on some computers running Windows XP. Out of 3 XP machines I have, this Gozilla problem only happens on my old Dell laptop computer (which runs on low memory and has some other problems itself).


All you need is to have Gomez Peer automatically load on Windows start up so that it starts processing to earn you money. There are no internet slow downs, annoying pop-ups or -unders. There's nothing to click and no spam or advertisements on your registered email. In addition, this software can be installed in as many computers under the same account (highly recommendable to earn even more and to qualify to earn).


GomezPeer - Your PC Works for You!

It takes at least 2 weeks to be notified if you're qualified to earn or not. Members can retry for another 2 weeks over and over again to be qualified, though. It seems that at least 2 computers should be used with the program to increase being qualified. Also, this software is only available to Windows PCs (XP, Vista & 7 to my knowledge). In addition, the monthly cap to earn is $45 (meaning that members can only earn from $5 to $45 and no more). This software installs something called "Gozilla" and it seems to crash a lot under Windows XP. Customer support is terrible. I have sent them three emails in the past for help — none were replied.


Dial-up users have a higher chance to qualify to earn since the company is desperate for more 56K-modem users. Gomez Peer is also way better than CashGopher, a similar yet annoying program with ads. I have it installed on all my computers.

Highly recommendable program to earn an extra $5 (or up to $45) a month to your PayPal account without any effort or real annoyance at all once you qualify.

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