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Moola Review

Gamble Gaming the Legal Way...

Moola is not your typical site where you can earn from. Moola is a gaming site where players gamble their Moola earnings with other players on simple games. Since it is illegal in the U.S. to gamble online, Moola works in a way that is actually very legal to gamble since players don't have an option to deposit money from PayPal, debit or credit cards. (In other words, no out of pocket costs). Players are only able to gamble with their currency earned from Moola. Earnings are gained from searching online (PTS or paid to search), commercial ads, referring others, and from beating other players on said games. After a member (or player in this case) reaches $10 in total earnings, it is now allowed to request those earnings into actual cash to their PayPal account (or by check or Visa prepaid card).

Nonetheless, gambling is simply not my thing, so I stopped using the site soon after. I'm sure the site does pay, though. It has good reviews all over the net (last time I checked). If you join the site under me and actually cash out, take a screen shot of your payment and let me know so I can post it on the site. I'll also replace my referral link with yours since I'm not interested in the site anymore.


Simple games because simple is best. Members can also earn cash from using their version of Yahoo! Search. Members are also rewarded randomly with some cents just by login in.


Members can only recruit a certain amount of people and there are very few games to play.


Moola is like a gambling game site, however, operates legally to respect the U.S. laws. Members are not able to deposit money to gamble (it would make it illegal otherwise), so members are given 1 cent when joining — along with random cash prizes when using their search engine — to play against other players where a chosen amount of cash is doubled or lost. Members can only convert their cash earnings into real cash (through PayPal, check or prepaid Visa) until at least $10 has been accumulated.

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