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Online Forum That Pays...

Yup, there's a forum that PAYS you for being a member and being active. I can't say how exactly they credit you but it's best to use the forum as a forum, not as a way to make money through it. Have fun and respect your fellow members. Most of them are pretty mature and very helpful for just about anything. They are real people and some can even help you with tips on how to make money online. I've learned a lot from there in my first 2 weeks.

Additional Info

Here are ways to earn...

  • Creating quality discussions
  • Posting and replying with quality comments
  • Referring others
  • Posting pictures

As mentioned before, use the forum as a forum, not a way to make money off of it. If you are caught abusing the forum just to increase your earnings, your account will be banned. Personally, I only check the site from time to time, and I only post if I feel like it — not for the money.


Good people, spamming is unallowed, comments are moderated, members can rate comments, post photos, and even hire other members for small jobs.


Extremely slow earner. You also cannot include affiliate links in any posts or discussions, not even in your own (through personal messages and profiles is allowed).


Members can customize their profile which may include affiliate banners of other programs. There are hundreds of discussion topics to chat about in this forum, and not just money related. All international members are welcomed. However, myLot is unable to pay residents from specific countries or territories due to a U.S. law. Check here to see if you qualify.

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