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Payza Review

Payment Processor & PayPal Alternative...

Payza (formerly known as AlertPay) is one of the best — if not the best — payment processor alternative to PayPal. It has many of the main features to its competitor while also being less strict and more open minded to paying sites around the net. A membership on Payza is vital to internet marketers as PayPal is not always available in paying sites due to their strict rules and how they like to freeze accounts without warning. While it is still recommended to request payments through PayPal instead, if it is not available, Payza is your best choice.


The closest alternative to PayPal. Payza is more open-minded to online paying sites and they are not known to freeze accounts frequently. They also seems to have great customer support, unlike PayPal. They have always attended me fast and friendly.


Payza has many constant problems with credit cards. On 2011, when it was still called AlertPay, it took them almost half a year to resolve the credit card issues they had. The problem was resolved and soon after they changed their name to Payza (perhaps to demonstrate a start over and their victory over credit card issues?). But a few months later it started having the same issues again. Sadly, Payza doesn't seem it will be as good as PayPal if they keep having the same important issues. However, they are still considered one of the best — if not the best — alternatives to PayPal.


Personally, I consider Payza to be the best alternative to PayPal. It bares many similarities and features while also being less strict and more available in the internet marketing world. If a paying site features PayPal and Payza options, always choose PayPal. But if not, choose Payza. It is more friendlier and accessible than any other payment processor known.

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