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888Bux Review

Scam and Clone of the Old NeoBux...

888Bux started up well and looked very promising. Not only was it a clone of the older NeoBux but it was also paying for a few months.


There were many ads each day. Amazingly, this PTC had great security.


888Bux is a scam PTC site. Free members earned 1/10th of a cent per click and zero earnings from referral clicks. Free members did not required to upgrade to request payment, however, had to wait 30 days to get supposedly paid.


Back when this PTC was new, I remember so many advertisers promoting this site a lot through traffic exchanges and safe lists. Perhaps the look reminded them so much of NeoBux's original look that they thought it was legit. And, well, it did started as a legit site. Free members used to earn 1 full cent per click back then, along with referral earnings as well. 888Bux used to be a real Bux PTC, not an Aurora PTC as it later became. This site changed drastically on their terms and morality, so it is not recommended at all (it's dead anyway).

This was 888Bux's address...

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