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Bux-Matrix Review

Bux-Matrix is a PTC with a matrix system as well. Also provides PTR ads to your email account for more earnings. The matrix system is optional as well as the PTC side, however, this is only a PTC review. But before you continue reading, do realize that this site is now considered scam. The details mentioned below may well be outdated and will not be updated again.


There's always at least 3 ads to click on, along with at least 1 paid to read ad sent to your email address a day. There are no cashout fees! Its optional matrix system cost is only a one-time, lifetime fee of $12, where you earn from direct and indirect referrals, 12 levels deep. Also included with the matrix upgrade is 2 months of Gold membership to its Bux side. (The matrix upgrade is not the same as the Bux Gold upgrade).


Their ad schedule is very frustrating! You must wait exactly 24 hours until you're allowed to click on ads again. This site does not respect your time. For example, if you clicked on ads at 10am, but on the next day you log in at 9:59am, 9am, or hours earlier, you must wait until 10:00am to click again. Their system even counts the seconds. Their upgrade cost to its Bux side is a year's fee of $48 (with no month options), which is pretty high considering the earnings from the ads. Also, their matrix features and how it works is rather confusing and hard to understand. Please check their site for better explanations on its matrix side. Also note that if you decide to change your profile and/or password, you must contact support to give them your new info for them to manually change it for you.

Another big disappointment (before it became scam) was the requirement to upgrade with $6 to be able to cash out.


For a bux site, this PTC is a slow earner and almost like an aurora or mini-PTC website. However, still better though and the owners have a great reputation. The owners started making brand new sites one after another. This is not good business practice for long-term success. Beware!

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