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BuxSecure Review

Sextuplet PTC of InfinityBux...


BuxSecure is pretty much a clone of InfinityBux, which is its big sister. Although it may differ in little details here and there, it simply is the same as any other of the sextuplets. One noticeable difference, though, is the amount of ads that each sister site provides. Nonetheless, InfinityBux is always the best one out of the six sisters.


BuxSecure does pay. I got paid once without any problems. However, I no longer participate in this site due to some problems best explained below.


There are processing fees of up to $0.55 and $0.01 ads are not provided every day which makes things very time-consuming. Sudden changes on their TOS happens frequently! The owner also runs 5 other identical sites. Why that many? Any PTC expert will tell you that multiple PTCs are created to help fund the previous PTC site(s), which means that the first ones are having financial problems. Not a good sign for a long successful business. Since mid October, 2012, there is a new feature called Cheat Link. BEWARE! If you click on the cheat link once (even by human mistake), your account may be suspended forever. Contacting support will not help. Cheat links were removed some time in March, 2013. No need to fear them now!

BEWARE BuxSecure

Only recommended if you're really into joining a lot of PTCs and you are very careful to follow their unfair terms. BuxSecure does pay, and so does its sister sites, but their terms change a lot. It does not offer anything new or different than the other sextuplets from InfinityBux either. Cashing out is very high, so it is very risky to join this type of site with unfair rules.

Old Problem in October 2012 on BuxSecure

My account was suspended due to clicking one of the Cheat Links. I was fully aware of the new terms and of this new deadly feature, but as a human being, I am prone to mistakes. My account was suddenly restored with earnings intact a few days later. Perhaps the administrator is giving everyone a second chance? It is common that as any other PTC member of any site, we rarely read ad titles since we are going to click on an ad anyway and see its content to earn credit. However, it is apparent that the administrator of BuxSecure has been having problems maintaining the site. So he introduces the Cheat Link system to get rid of Standard members very easily by forcing them to either leave or make them upgrade (which disables the Cheat Link ad). We all know that cheat links are great for a PTC business to stay strong, however, the InfinityBux network gives you absolutely ZERO chances (or at least one). Once you mess up, your account is immediately suspended. Human error does not seem to be considered whatsoever. Contacting support is useless for this problem.

Not Recommended

Because of BuxSecure's high minimum and terrible rules, this site will no longer be supported or updated at Cashie Network.

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