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Old PTC Scam...

Code Red! is one of the oldest PTC scam sites out there. It provides a lot of the same self-advertisements every day with messages about their suppose legitimacy and how it is a great business to work with. Definitely a site to stay away from.


Many ads a day and all worth 1 cent and no less. Very stable servers. Cash can be converted into advertising credits.

Cons is an old scam. However, there have been a very few people online reporting that the site did used to pay (but very late). Speaking of payments, according to their terms, Standard (free) members must wait up to 60 days to get paid (30 days for Premium members). Of course, nowadays it doesn't pay at all.


Payment has been requested in mid October, 2010. Since Standard members supposedly must wait up to 60 days, but payment was never received and the site has been named as a scam by many, it must be declared as a scam. Moreover, most of their ads are from the site itself advertising its features and shop, which is how there are many ads to click on. Another very silly thing is that they praise a lot and even have ads of happy members saying how great the site is. Are they really real members, though? Actors? Or could it be the owners themselves acting as members? Who knows!

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