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ClixZing Review

High-Paying PTC Site...

ClixZing started up strong and became popular really fast because of its high-paying ads ($0.015 each!). But because of these high-paying ads, advertisers need to pay a lot compared to other PTCs. Ads started to decrease while it used to be 6 ads per day. Two years later, the site died without any prior warning.


This PTC site offers ads that are worth 1½¢ and no less. There are no annoying little micro ads either! Upgraded members also earn from 2 levels up to 10, as well. When this site was new, it gave every single member free ad credits as a gift.


Minimum cashout is ridiculously high ($20) and there has been a drastic decrease of ads since mid July of 2011. Another annoyance is the 24 hour ad refresh, meaning that members must wait exactly 24 hours (and not a second less) until being able to click on the same ads on the next day (new and different ads are clickable, though).

Other Thoughts

Upgrading used to be great because of the amount of ads. Members would still gain a profit even without referring but upgrading to Bronze (the lowest upgrade). Perhaps if ads lowered to 1 cent, advertisers wouldn't hesitate much to buy ad credits. Without advertisers, a PTC just isn't a PTC.

You may join ClixZing here... Do not bother clicking on the link. The site is dead. Even if it comes back, it won't be under review anymore.

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