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GetBuxToday Review

Legit PTC from Brian Rooney...

GetBuxToday is a PTC from a well known internet marketer named Brian Rooney — most famous for owning and operating TrafficWave.


Responsive, fast, and owned by a real business professional. Upgrades come in different membership levels and prices along with discounts the more months you subscribe to in one payment. Payouts are only a 24 hour wait!


There are cashout fees! Currently for free members it's 76 cents for PayPal, and 25 cents for Payza. Another dislike I found was the maximum payout allowed. For free members, Silver and Gold, the maximum is $10 ($15 for Platinum) and then must wait 10 days — or less, depending on membership — to be allowed to request payment again. However, even the Platinum members (highest pro members) have a low maximum payout of $15. And as of recent, most ads are worth less than a cent — almost like an aurora site. However, earnings a day (without counting referral earnings) are still 3 cents or more.


Because GetBuxToday is owned and operated by a real professional, Brian Rooney, it is safe to assume that this PTC will last for years if not more. Let us just hope that things keep up!

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