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IncraseBux Review

A PTC that Pays if You Pay...?

IncraseBux is one of those PTCs that may pay its members...only if those members upgrade first. Upgrading should never be a necessity to be able to cash out your well deserved earnings. Now, I'm not sure if this PTC really does pay or not, however, for being unethical, I'm putting this PTC in the Scam List section.


Pretty decent servers, active forum, and always a load of ads a day. Plenty of upgrade memberships available, from very cheap to ridiculously expensive options meant for investors.


The PTC with the most ridiculous and confusing cashout rules has to be IncraseBux! I spent quite a while reading the ToS and forum to understand the cashout rules but no clear description of the rules are available. According to their rules, free members can cashout from $2 as their first cashout. However, I came across posts in the forum that even free members must invest money or upgrade to be able to cashout. And unfortunately, the forum is run by mods with limited English knowledge. Furthermore, waiting time for free members to get paid is 30 business days. And besides cashouts, referral limits are very low. Free members are limited to 10 direct referrals — even upgraded members are limited to a few amount. The amount of rented referrals members can have are pretty high, though.


We all know that PTCs come and go because of how hard it is to maintain one. So to be honest, I understand somewhat for the reason that IncraseBux has to make members upgrade or invest first if they want to cash out. This rule avoids problems with payment processors and their members. However, there are big name PTCs out there that do not require members to upgrade to be able to request payment. For that reason, I can't justify IncraseBux's terrible rule. Therefore, I'll keep IncraseBux in the Scam List. Join ClixSense or other well known PTCs you can trust.

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