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InfinityBux Review

It's Not a PTC Scam...?


InfinityBux is the PTC Bux site that started the bux craze of unprofessionals starting their own PTC businesses with BuxHost (for their amazing prices), making them think it would be an easy profession. The InfinityBux admin also started the whole personal recommendations of other new PTCs that would soon after turn into scams. Do not take InfinityBux's recommendations seriously as every single PTC it recommended died or turned into a scam. Nonetheless, InfinityBux has remained legit and always seems to pay what it owes though with some delays at times and some problems here and there. InfityBux also has 5 other sister sites that are pretty much just clones.


InfinityBux does pay. I got paid twice without any problems, if I remember correctly. However, I no longer participate in this site due to some problems best explained below.


There are processing fees of up to $0.55 and $0.01 ads are not provided every day which makes things very time-consuming. Sudden changes on their TOS happens frequently! The owner also runs 5 other identical sites. Why that many? Any PTC expert will tell you that multiple PTCs are created to help fund the previous PTC site(s), which means that the first ones are having financial problems. Not a good sign for a long successful business. Since mid October, 2012, there is a new feature called Cheat Link. BEWARE! If you click on the cheat link once (even by human mistake), your account may be suspended forever. Contacting support will not help. Cheat links were removed some time in March, 2013. No need to fear them now!

It Pays but BEWARE

Although the InfinityBux admin has made a ridiculous amount of clones of this PTC (with some ridiculous rules as well), they all seem to be paying to stay legit. But do not register to other PTCs recommended by any of the InfinityBux sextuplets since all of them turn into scams or have died. In fact, I don't recommend joining InfinityBux. Minimum payout is very high and most ads are just micro ads. But nonetheless, if you're into joining a lot of PTCs and you are very careful to follow their unfair terms -- and you're good at referring -- then this PTC should be all right for you. Just don't compare ClixSense, WordLinx or NeoBux to any of the InfinityBux sextuplets.

Because of InfinityBux's high minimum and terrible rules, this site will no longer be supported or updated at Cashie Network.

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