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KlickBuck Review

Dead PTC...?

KlickBuck started pretty well though it never did provide what it promised — $1 a day in total ad clicks. Soon after, less and less ads started to appear which ended up with rarely showing up even one ad a month (if it did provide more, they would disappear fast). The site server was out cold for about 3 weeks but is suddenly back online now. Definitely not recommendable to join.


Wow, 4 cents per click with low timers of 20 seconds each! Not a penny more; not a penny less! The site is also extremely easy to navigate and find what you want. This PTC also sells text and banners ads included with the link ads (since they are sold as packages). Members also get a lifetime Pro membership when they buy ANY ad package! Site is now dead, though. Site is back alive now...?


This site has been around for a few months now, yet, there are hardly any ads available. There's too much hype from ads saying that members earn a dollar a day, though that is simply misleading. As advertised, members get 25 ads per day, equaling $1 in earnings ($0.04 x 25 = $1). However, that would only happen in a perfect world. From personal experience, on the first day, there were only 4 ads available (20 cents total). 4 ads is far from 25 ads a day as advertised. Soon after, ads stopped showing up around January 10th, 2011! Up to this date, it's still very rare seeing an ad. According to people, it's a "numbers game", meaning that only a few people see the limited ads before others even notice there were any available! Now the site is completely dead. And to top it all off, the administrator started sending emails unrelated to KlickBuck and just advertising other programs. In other words, it now spams.


Advertised earnings are too good to be true. While the site is known to pay (according to outside sources), ad packages are just too expensive for advertisers to buy. In a sense, this PTC is sort of like the new NeoBux. NeoBux is great for advertisers but not for the affiliate (which in turn makes affiliates leave the site, so the advertisers have less hits). On this PTC, it's great for affiliates because of the value of each click, but horrible for advertisers (which in turn leaves the affiliate view less ads). If you make one very happy, you'll simply make the other very unhappy. These sites don't seem to recognize the value of keeping things "balanced". Now the site is completely dead, so it's not worth crying over spilled milk anymore. The site is back online again.

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