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LinkGrand Review

Old and Reliable PTC...

LinkGrand is 5 years old PTC (since 2007) and still going strong. Cheap ad packages for those on tight budgets!


If you're interested in mini-PTCs and/or are an advertiser, then this is a must join site. Very reliable and respected by its members all over. Most days there are always quite a few ad links per day and the site loads pretty fast. The upgrade cost is pretty cheap if choosing the $10 for 2 years — or even better — $20 for a lifetime! Free and upgraded members earn 10% commission from their referral ad purchases and 30% per ad clicks.


There is a transfer fee from payments and their connection security sure needs improvement. Not to mention, this site is one of the most delicate ones I've ever encountered. On some days it will give you an error after checking an ad that you are not signed in or that you haven't answered the security code (even though you have). Upgrading does not increase the referral ad click percentage commissions either.


Pretty slow earner but the best (or one of the best) mini-PTCs out there. Especially great for advertisers! Though the system could use a lot of improvements (along with the look), members are satisfied with the service. This site has surpassed the 5 year mark, and that's saying a lot on how legitimate this PTC is. Let's hope things keep up for another 5 years!

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