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MLSBux Review

Obscure but Paying PTC...

MLSBux is a subsidiary of MyLittleSavings, which is another online program that seems to pay all the time. MLSBux is a rather obscure PTC since it's not very popular even though it pays. It could be because of its low-earning referral program.

On my first cashout, I remember getting paid within a day. On my second cashout request, a week had passed and I still wasn't seeing any payment received on my Payza account. I sent a message to the admin but did not receive one the following week. A few days later after those two weeks, though, I did get paid and with an apologetic message.


Standard members can upgrade for free to Premium status if they are members of MyLittleSavings. Premium members earn half a cent more per ad click, earn double from referral clicks, and more. Advertising through MLSBux is also pretty decent considering it's a bux site. So if you're an advertiser, advertising here is a pretty good option. $5 for 1000 Standard ads? Pretty great deal!


Referral earnings here are horrible — even for the upgraded. For every $0.01 that a referral earns, the Standard referrer earns $0.0003. That means that it would require 34 days for a referral to help you earn twice what you have earned in a day. Upgrade costs are a little bit expensive: $6 per month for Premium, $49.95 for 6 months for Elite, and $89.95 for a year for Elite Pro.


MLSBux is worth registering to if you are already a member of MyLittleSavings. You earn more per each ad click and there are no bombardments of micro ads, so logging in to click on a few ads is fast and easy. As a Standard (free) member, you'll get more than 2 cents total but referral earnings are simply horrible. If referral earnings would be thrice as better and upgrading was a little cheaper, I'm sure this PTC would be better known and grown to be just great (of course, that would make advertising more expensive but still fair).

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