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NeoBux Review

Most Known and Legit PTC...

As sad as it may sound, you do only earn one tenth of a cent per click (few times up to a full cent or half), and there's usually 10 or more ads per day as a standard member. This site used to be the king of PTC because of the earning potential, which now has pretty much decreased by a lot.

However! If you're an advertiser, you should not avoid this site at all. Prices are cheap and there are tens of thousands of members already registered here.

NeoBux also has one of the best (if not the best) security systems around. Many call this PTC the King of PTC because it has been around for years, it always pays (and instantaneously), it has great servers, a forum, and members around the net have been satisfied advertising other money-earning sites through it. Furthermore, in the affiliate program you get 50% from referral clicks as a standard member, but 100% as a golden member.

Additional Info

Here are the ways to earn...

  • Clicking on advertisements
  • Referral commissions
  • Renting referrals


VERY secure website. The best I've seen in any website I've subscribed to. The site has an implemented forum as well. Rented referrals can be monitored and recycled, and there's always more than 10 ads at least to click on. They always pay on time — because it's instant! Paying since 2008!


NeoBux - Cons

NeoBux used to provide four 1 cent ads a day. However, NeoBux changed drastically on its 3rd birthday (March 2011), making this PTC feel like an aurora site. Most ads are now worth $0.001 (a tenth of a cent). Few times there are half-cent and one-cent ads provided nowadays. Golden memebership is still $90/year and you first must go through 3 steps to be able to upgrade. Renting referrals is still expensive and there is a limit on how many direct referrals one can have depending on the membership level. And although there are some features, it becomes a bit frustrating to understand what they are and how to use them. However, clicking for ads is simple and down to the point.


I'm honestly disappointed at the drastic change NeoBux made. There used to be a balance between making affiliates and advertisers happy. But now, though advertisers are extremely happy due to cheaper advertising costs, affiliates get the short end of the stick. But if you're wondering about the high score, scores paying sites for performance, professionalism, security, and reliability, and not earnings potential.


According to the site, you can earn $900 a month if you have 150 referrals, you're a Golden member, and all your referrals click 10 top ads worth $0.02 each a day. Of course, those earnings are from the old NeoBux (which was still an exaggeration, of course).

I would highly recommended to advertisers but not much for affiliates.

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NeoBux - Highly known and very legit PTC