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Nerdbux Review

New PTC/GPT in Town...

Nerdbux has been online for about two months now, and it already has over 87,000 members. That goes to show how people trust its company behind it, TimTech. Unfortunately, since for the past 2 years, micro ads dominate the PTC industry, and Nerdbux is bound to them.

While there are dozens of micro ads per day (and few times any mini or standard ads), the good thing lies with advertisers. Since micro ads are the norm, it is a lot cheaper to advertise through Nerdbux and other PTCs.

Additional Info

Here are the ways to earn...

  • Clicking on advertisements
  • Referral commissions
  • Renting referrals
  • Getting lucky in the Nerd Grid
  • Completing offers
  • Completing task jobs


Nerdbux is from a well known company. There are also many ads to click, and its referral system is very generous (50% commissions from ad clicks by referrals). Despite its rapid growth, the servers seem to be working great. Members may also earn more from completing offers or tasks (aka micro jobs).


Unfortunately, I must add that Nerdbux's login security is a joke. Out of 5 stars, I could only give it 1. No special characters can be used in passwords, there is no captcha code at login, there is no SSL encrypting transfers from browser to site, and there is no extra security (such as a secondary password or PIN). When personal information and money is involved, security should be a top priority.

Nerdbux - Cons

With the many ads, cheap advertising, and generous referral commissions, Nerdbux is a must on your PTC list. This PTC is from a reputable company that's been around for many years. Though the company started with traffic exchanges, they have grown over the years with their different -- and some innovating -- advertising sites. Nerdbux should be around for years if not more.

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