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SchnaapKlicks Review

Another Dead PTC...

SchnaapKlicks started up strong and was making everyone happy in the PTC world. It is from the same owners of another site called Schnaap. Due to its relation to Schnaap, people were hyped about this PTC. However, ads started to show up less and less with finally none now. But, since this site shows targeted ads, perhaps U.S. members don't get any ads anymore. I can't speak for other countries since I'm from the U.S. myself. However, since late October of 2012, the site is blank with code errors. It is now a dead PTC.


Ads here were not worth less than a cent. Few are worth up to 5 cents (I never saw those, mind you). The timers were low as well (for example, 15 seconds for 1 cent ads). Cashout minimums were very low.


SchnaapKlicks died two months before I requested payment, and of course, I never got paid. But when it was around, these were the cons:

Free members only earned 10% from referral clicks, and 50 cents for every referral upgrade (regardless of upgrade level). Also, free members didn't earn commissions from referral ad purchases. Moreover, there were limits on how many referrals members could have. Of course, the higher the membership level, the higher the referral cap was (unlimited for the highest level available but only 30 for free members). One big gripe I had about this PTC was their annoying self ads (that did not pay) that locked the paying ads until it was viewed. SchnaapKlicks did that even when there were no paid ads around!


This is not your typical PTC where all ads are shown to all members regardless of region. Ads distributed here are geo-targeted, which means that every country will receive different ads and amounts. As a U.S. resident, I can only say that Americans don't get ads anymore. However, the site still seems to be paying its members..somehow. It seems the company behind the Schnaap sites has a good reputation when it comes to paying. I can't personally guarantee that, however. The review on this site is still in pending status, after all. Also take note that upgrading may not increase amount of ads available. SchnaapKlicks is a dead PTC. Its sister PTC sites (KlickBucks and ClixZing) are still up and running, however, because of their unpopularity with advertisers, it is very hard to reach minimum.

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