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WordLinx Review

Oldie but Goodie PTC...

WordLinx is an old PTC that started in 2003 and has been paying ever since. A PTC that has been paying for 5 years is remarkable, and WordLinx is almost 10! If you're into PTCs, you must join this one. Definitely.


No need to wait for certain server times or exact 24 hours until ads are available, phew! Ads are shown as soon as they're available. Payments through PayPal are instant. Upgrading only costs $10 per year for Verified Status, and $25 per month for Pro. Both feature advertising credits, more link ads to click on, double the referral ad click earnings, double the commissions from referrals, and a lot more. There are also little cash bonuses for active members.


When requesting payment, there is a 5% deduction for payment transfers. Ads disappear quite fast, so it's a numbers game. A personal pet peeve of mine here is login in. None-advertisers (as in members that don't buy ad credits) are annoyed on every single login to advertise with them. With that kind of promoting, I'm less inclined to support them in that way. Hmm...perhaps that's one of the reason there aren't many ads around...

Other Thoughts

WordLinx also sends paid emails for members to earn more...though that happens very rarely. All in all, WordLinx is a great PTC to join if you're into PTCs. It has been paying for almost a decade now and it's still going.

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