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CatHouseMails Review

Legit Paying PTR & More...

CatHouseMails is a small site with really cheap ad packages for new and old advertisers to take advantage of. However, because of cheap advertising, members that join to earn will take a long time to reach the minimum of $2. CHM is actually a PTP (paid to promote) but also a PTR, PTC, and more. Unfortunately, it is an awful-looking site that may strain your eyes but it does pay.


Extremely cheap advertising starting at $0.10 and above. Members can also earn points that may be redeemed for advertising or converted for cash. Payout is automatic but can also be halted to cash out higher than the minimum amount.


Very, very slow earner and the look of the site is simply horrible and bad for the eyes. I had to give it a 0 out of 3 stars for looks because it does irritate the eyes and makes some viewers feel dizzy.

Other Info

This site has gone through different owners for the past 4 years or less. When I joined, the site looked pretty cute and even better than DonkeyMails (if I remember correctly). However, the owner then quits to concentrate on her day job and sold the site to a person that made the site look horrible. That new owner soon after sold the site to another peron, and that one changed the look again to what it is today. Then soon after, this new owner sold the site to the current admin that is today. Nonetheless, despite all the site selling, this new owner has paid and keeps paying new and old members. Pretty slow earner but legit!

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