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Deals 'n' Cash Review

Get Paid to Read...!

Deals 'n' Cash is pretty old but still alive and paying. Members get paid to read ad messages worth 1 to 5 cents. Younger sister site of Hits4Pay, another PTR site.


High value clicks. Most PTR sites show ads worth $0.0025 or less (and rarely half a cent or more). Also, referral clicks earn you up to 2 cents per ad view! What's also great is their $5 bonus when signing up.


I don't know what the owner of this site was thinking about when creating this sister site. Payout is higher than Hits4Pay's, there are less ads, and their login security is still very low (below average to my standards). And although their ads are in high value, ads are rarely available. Most ads are worth 1 cent. Why would advertisers pay much more for 5 cent ads if they don't get better benefits such as longer timers? Additionally, a few advertisers pause their ads for days, and the site does not notify members of that until they click these paused ads. The worst is that U.S. members will not get paid until they submit their tax or SSN info before reaching minimum (or else they must make a long distance phone call if minimum was reached before submitting said info). Right after logging in, there's also a non-paying ad — the same type of intrusive ads you see on any other website. And for any questions, members must make another account through a service site to submit a tickent there, or call a long distance phone number (thank goodness for Google Voice).


If Deals 'n' Cash had better security, way more advertisers, better customer support, and their minimum payout was lowered to at least $15, this site would be amazing as a PTR or PTC alternative. As for reliability on paying, I require more time to reach payout to verify if it pays or not. However, research indicates that it has always paid since 1998. Although Deals 'n' Cash has more potential than Hits4Pay, it really isn't better. By the time I reached $25 on Hits4Pay (with the former $10 bonus included), I had reached $18 on this site (with the $5 bonus included as well).

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