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DonkeyMails Review

PTP, PTR, PTC & More...

DonkeyMails is a massive business site full of advertising features and ways for members to earn money online. It is mainly a PTP (paid to promote) but with PTR and PTC ads as well. DonkeyMails is also a traffic exchange and a number of other things. Massive site. Very low minimum payout options too.


A fabulous PTR for earning in various ways — including very low minimum payouts for all of 7 payment processors! Five levels deep in referral earnings! As a PTR, this is a great site for advertisers of many kinds. There are PTR advertising, PTP advertising, PTC ads, banner ads, text ads, PTSU, traffic exchange advertising, and more! Plenty of upgrade levels from $10/yr. and up to $7.99/mo. and above. Not to mention, members can change the option of receiving paid emails on the website itself rather than on both website and personal email address.


888Bux is a scam PTC site. Free members earned 1/10th of a cent per click and zero earnings from referral clicks. Free members did not required to upgrade to request payment, however, had to wait 30 days to get supposedly paid.


Pretty outdated look from the 90s and not very good security for login in.

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