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Hits4Pay Review

Highest Paying PTR...

Hits4Pay pays $0.02 per every email advertising while also paying $0.01 per referral ad clicks on either direct and second levels. Although there may be no ads on some days, there are also some days where there's up to 19 ads. No other PTR provides that many high-paying ads per day.


High value clicks. Most PTR sites provide ads worth $0.0025 or less (and rarely half a cent or more), but not this one! Also, referral levels 1 and 2 clicks earn you 1 cent per ad view! What's also great is their $5 (used to be $10) bonus when signing up!


Payout is very high and their login security is very low (below average to Cashie Network standards). And although their ads are in high value, not many are available a day (sometimes none at all). Additionally, a few advertisers pause their ads for days (Hits4Pay doesn't hide them, so you start wasting your time and getting error pages). The worst is that U.S. members will not get paid until they submit their tax/SSN info before reaching minimum (or else they must make a long distance phone call if minimum was reached before submitting said info). Right after login in, there's also an intrusive ad not part of the earning program (the same type seen on non-paying sites). And for any questions, members must make another account through a service site to submit a ticket there, or call a long distance phone number (use Google Voice to avoid long distance fees).


If they had better security, way more advertisers, easier or cheaper way to contact support, and their minimum payout was lowered to at least $15, this site would be amazing as a PTR or PTC alternative. As for reliability on paying, it seems to have a great reputation since 2001. And even though the minimum payout is very high, there are many ads a week, and it would take about the same amount of time to reach $25 here as $10 on most PTRs and PTCs (without counting referrals).

If you're checking the payment proof, please note that my payment was very late due to my fault for not filling out my personal information before reaching minimum. I kept forgetting and proscratinating to call support, so I got paid months later. So do note that Hits4Pay pays 45 days later after reaching minimum on the last day of the month.

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