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iRazoo Review

GPT and PTS...

iRazoo is a GPT (get paid to) and PTS (paid to surf) site that rewards members with points to redeem for prizes. Points are earned by filling up surveys, completing offers, trying out free trials, and also by searching the net with the search engine. Prizes include Amazon GCs, MP3 players, and a few other goods.


Simply easy to use. Unlike other search engine reward sites that only reward randomly from searching, this one actually guarantees points by recommending and commenting! 10 points are rewarded by commenting/recommending a site being visited (from a search result). Of course, there's a limit to doing this a day. Members may only recommend/comment fifteen times each day for points, making a total of 150 easy points daily! Their customer service is great as well! Things changed a lot when members weren't taking the comment system seriously. Points were being earned too easily while making iRazoo stay behind schedule on the rewards.


They force members to use numbers in their username or else they cannot register. There is no error message about that either, so it took me a while to figure that out by myself. There's also not many prizes to redeem as well, but this is only bad for those that want variety. If you're in it for the Amazon gift cards, you may redeem as many as you can! A really bad thing about iRazoo is that most times they take a little longer than a month to send their prizes to members. But what's worst is that the new iRazoo is very stingy. It used to be very generous, which was its own downfall.


iRazoo is definitely not recommendable anymore. It used to be very generous, but because of that, members were taking too much advantage of the easy points. Now, iRazoo is very stingy. For whatever you can do at iRazoo, you can do at SwagBucks and ZoomBucks for more points under the same time and effort.

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