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Lockerz Review

One of the Worst Reward Sites...

No. Lockerz, oh boy. Where to start...

Lockerz has been online since before fall of 2009, and redeeming was a bit easier because of the low quantity of members and prize costs. Members earn 2 PTZ (their term for Lockerz points) per each activity, whether it be from daily log ins, daily answers, watching videos, etc. On some occassions, they double, triple, or even quadruple PTZ. It's very easy to earn points here.

Their prize selections vary a lot. There's digital and physical items alike, from silly wallpapers to even laptop computers. Prizes may be bought with either PTZ, real currency, or a mix of both. Redeeming or buying items also give extra PTZ, so it's pretty much like cash-back earning as well. (Yes, paying with PTZ also gives you PTZ).

Now, although it is very easy to earn points here, it is simply not easy to redeem at all. The site suffers from bad connection problems, huge latency, browser incompatibilities here and there (even on Firefox), and prizes go out of stock within minutes and take weeks to months to re-stock again. Very frustrating, but it doesn't end there. The site seems to be aimed at teenagers that only care about...whatever a teenager is portrayed to like (think of Lockerz as MTV for the internet, I suppose). If you want a serious rewards site, check out SwagBucks, iRazoo, ZoomBucks, MyPoints, or others.

Additional Info

Here are the ways to earn PTZ so far...

  • Daily login clicks
  • Answering daily questions
  • Playing a game when first registering
  • Refering people
  • Watching videos
  • Redeeimg or purchasing items


Very easy to earn PTZ (points) and lots of great prizes to redeem. PTZ may also be combined with real money to buy items instead of redeeming.


My goodness, redeeming for a prize in this site is a true pain in the neck. Members must accomplish some tasks before each redemption time (most of these tasks require members to buy something with real currency) to be able to redeem on random redemption hours on random days on some months. Moreover, on redemption time, the site receives so much traffic that even a dial-up user can watch a 5 minute YouTube video faster than a cable modem user trying to navigate the Lockerz site to redeem something (well, maybe I'm exaggerating). It is nearly impossible to redeem if you don't have one of the best and fastest internet connections in the world (I'm sure those guys will lag in this site as well, though). Prizes seem to be increasing in point value, too, over time. PTZ also have a very low value if used to combine with real money to purchase items (instead of redeeming).


If this site continues to have terrible servers, browser issues, and keeps being unfair to redeem for the general public, then no one should have much interest in this site. This site is still in pending status (code yellow) but I'm sure it's a legit site since it is owned by Liberty Media and "The Chief Executive Officer of Lockerz is Kathy Savitt, a former executive at and American Eagle Outfitters." I gave up on this site and am not interested in it anymore.

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