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ZoomBucks Review

GPT and PTS Rewards Site...

ZoomBucks is a great PTS and so-so GPT rewards site. Members earn from filling out surveys, completing offers, watching videos, searching the net, and more. Very much like SwagBucks, it is a great way to earn some great Amazon GCs.


Global friendly! Most reward sites limit their memberships to the US, Canada and UK. According to their site, ZoomBucks is friendly to China, India and Russia, with surveys specially avaiable for them. Games are also available to play for free (though with a limit on winning per month or so). ZoomBucks also has a great referral program where there are no cap limits on earning from referrals! And if you're a fan of, you can redeem for Amazon gift cards ranging from $10 to $100!


New members have a pretty high payout minimum the first time which is 2,000 ZBucks (points). For example, if you're in it for the Amazon gift cards, the lowest one you can redeem for is the $20 Amazon gift card. However, after that, 1,000 ZBucks is the minimum to spend (i.e. $10 Amazon gift card).


ZoomBucks is a good GPT (get paid to) but great for earning from its search engine. If you are a fan of SwagBucks and iRazoo for being a "get paid to search" (PTS), then you should enjoy ZoomBucks as well (which is fully international unlike the other two).

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