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AdSolutionLine Review

Safe List with Free HTML Email Advertising...

AdSolutionLine is a free safe list business with for free members without upgrade options. The great thing about it not having upgrade features is that free members can also send email advertisements with HTML features instead of just plain text! Members can also send messages twice a day to thousands of thousands of members.


Free members are given pro accounts which is really the only account type. Members are able to mail twice a day, and in either text or HTML format. Most safe lists only let you mail once a day or every third day or more.


There is no commission feature nor will it seem there will be, even though they mention there is on their front page, and there are other things undone as well. There is no upgrade option either to super charge your advertising (though there are solo ads only available by purchasing).


A highly recommended safe list for those with tight budgets. Members may send messages twice a day after an exact 24 hour cycle. HTML for email ads are available for everybody.

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