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Got Safelist? Review

One of the Greatest Safe Lists...

Got Safelist? is probably the most uniqute safe list I've come across. It seems to run its own script (meaning it's not a clone of other safe lists) and prices seem more fair than from other safe lists. Members also earn fractions of a cent from some ads to later convert into ad credits or even cash out through PayPal.


Email once a day to 2,500 members maximum. No annoying, exact 24 hour wait before being able to email again on the next day! New members of safe lists are also given extra credits for joining. Then there's free 200 credits a month for being active. Members also get paid a fraction of a cent from some email ads to later convert into credits or to cash out through PayPal.


The only downside I can think of is that their commissions feature doesn't actually exist. They have options about commissions and PayPal as their payment processor, but they do not mention if members get commissions from their referrals or from other means. However, seeing as their upgrade options are cheap, and that they're one-time fees, a commissions feature may not seem necessary at all. Also, HTML on email advertising is only available to upgraded members.


A highly recommended safe list for those with tight budgets. Members get around 100 email ads a day with all of them having credits or cash. And although HTML is not available to free members, this safe list is not as expensive as most safe lists out there.

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