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Safelist Pro Review

Go Pro Without Upgrading...

Safelist Pro is not your typical safe list advertising site where members must upgrade to be able to send HTML ads. On this safe list, all members are pro members. There are upgrade options as well which are only one-time payments (no monthly fees!).

This site is under Code Gray status since there is no commissions feature to call it legit or scam. What this means is that members don't get paid though this site since it's not meant to.


Free members are given pro accounts. Members are able to mail once a day (instead of once every 3rd day or so), and in either simple text or HTML format. Most safe lists only let you mail once a day (in just text format) or every third day (or more!). What's also great are the upgrades because there's no monthly fees but just one-time fees! And pretty cheap!


Their commissions feature doesn't actually exist. They have options about commissions and PayPal as their payment processor, but they do not mention if members get commissions from their referrals or from other means. However, seeing as their upgrade options are cheap, and that they're one-time fees, a commissions feature does not seem necessary at all. I'm sure they're just being lazy on removing their so-called commissions information which they don't provide in the first place.

Other Thoughts

Although Safelist Pro provides free pro memberships, that may also have its own set of problems or concerns. With all the free and great benefits, more ads are sent daily. More ads means less exposure to your sites since getting your own ad to get clicked on would be like having someone find a needle in a haysack.

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