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One of the First Social Networks That Pay...

I used to highly recommend this site back when it launched. However, I was new, and swallowed all of their hype and false promises. It then stopped paying members from some countries regardless of their membership status and good standing. Since I haven't been using this site since 2011, I am not 100% sure if it still paid to at least American members. However, according to some other review sites, U.S. and Canadian members were still getting paid. On the second half of November of 2012, PeopleString then died without a notice and now redirects users to a new site from the same company.

Members were given People Dollars and People Points, which both convert into real cash when getting paid. You get paid by just using their site in numerous ways. Members used to make money by practically doing what you're already doing. Check the "Additional Info" section below. Members used to earn by going to other sites like Facebook and Twitter. The big money, though, was going to come from MailBox-Cashbox (which is where the big hype is at). Unfortunately, it never got into full action, and many people have trouble receiving their very first post card. MailBox-Cashbox was terminated after a while.

Everyone could join PeopleString; it didn't matter if people were in the U.S., Mexico, Japan -- or anywhere in the world. Members had to be 13 years or older and have a PayPal account. What's more, you get an amazing email account where you can send video mail and even delete sent email if you decide you don't want the recipient to read it after all. There's also self destruct features and more! Email service no longer available months before the site went dead.

For more information about MailBox-Cashbox, click here.

Additional Info

There's so many ways to earn cash and points through PeopleStrings. Here are some ways...

  • Login in
  • Using their customized Google search engine
  • Checking your emails through their site No longer available
  • Using instant messengers (IMs) through their site
  • Going to other social sites through their site
  • Going to other sites through your customized 'My Favorites' links
  • Play PeopleString Games
  • Playing 'Free Games' online through the games section
  • Watching movie trailers
  • Filling out surveys and/or offers
  • Cash back from shopping through selected online stores through their site
  • Referring people
  • Receiving postal mail (if they still send them)
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You might be wondering how exactly did members earned points and dollars by each action or activity. A representative of theirs told me that activity points come randomly, and that we should not click on advertisements that we're not interested in. We still get points regardless of clicking or not. As for Mailbox-Cashbox, last time I checked, were paying from 5 cents to 75 cents per "deal". However, as mentioned before, this mail program was never into full action, so I can't say much about it.


Free to join, no complexity, no clicking on ads, free amazing email account, and many features with ways to earn.


MailBox-Cashbox program is not as they had promised but they advertised it as a great way to earn from. Also, MailBox-Cashbox was only available to U.S. and Canada residents. U.S. members must complete a tax form before requesting payment. Getting checks as payment was discontinued and only available through PayPal. The email service was also cancelled on September 2012. Some countries are not getting paid anymore.


PeopleString is considered more as a portal network than a social network. PeopleString used to pay every member until suddenly stopped doing it, so register with caution if you do. It's not a big money earner, but it's all right and pretty handy as a portal site. Oh, and one important thing to note: You can refer your household members as well. Site is dead. Recommended not to trust their new site they redirect you to when visiting the old PeopleString URLs.

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