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Yuwie - Social Network that Shares Revenue

Mini review...

Yuwie was a small social network site that shared revenue with its active members. Depending on activity and involvement on the site, each member was shared with a certain percentage. On August 1st of 2011, the site shut down due to problems that I'm not really sure of (since I've been inactive on it since 2010). It really wasn't a recommendable site to join.


Free to join, more populated than PeopleString, better matrix system, and more customizable. Site is no longer active.


Way too many ads — including video ads! Poorly designed look, complex navigation, and a painfully slow money earner.


Due to the slow process of earning money here, the bad design of the site and very annoying ads, I am not interested in using this site anymore. I doubt the site will last long. Yuwie shut down, so my quest to find a decent social network that pays continues.

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