Attention! This site is an old copy of the original Cashie Network. No updates will be posted. Please check instead.


Detail descriptions of special notes and symbols at Cashie Network are shown below.


Code Green: The site has officially been tested and proven by that it does pay and/or deliver.

Code Yellow: The site is still being tested and/or still in pending status and no payment has ever been received due to not meeting minimum payment yet or the site has been taking long to pay. Some additional info may be posted, such as notifying if it has been researched and concluded that it does pay or that it is a bit or somewhat risky to try.

Code Red: The site is either too risky, dead or it just scams. Stay away from these type of sites!

Code Gray: Sites with this code means that the site has not paid (or does not have a paying feature) but it is not important due to the site itself not specializing in paying. Such type of sites are usually: advertising sites, safe lists, and traffic exchanges (where their specialty is to give you web traffic — not money).

Overall Rating

The rating system is based on multiple factors (see below). The rating factors are calculated and converted to a 5 star rating system for an overall rating. Rating DOES NOT only represent amount of money, credits or points you can make, but a number of differet factors.

Example of overall rating display:

Rating Factors

To check for each rating factor for each site, hover over orange "Overall Rating" links to display the number of stars of each factor category. The more filled up stars, the better. Here is a more detailed description of what each factor represents:

Rating Conversion to 5 Stars

In total there are 50 stars. Empty stars are then deducted. The total is then converted into a 5 star rating system.

Example 1: 50 - 30 = 20. 20 ÷ 50 = 0.4. 0.4 • 5 = 2.
Example 2: 50 - 18 = 32. 32 ÷ 50 = 0.64. 0.64 • 5 = 3.2.