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Payments Proof

Code Green! Code Green! They pay!

Screen shots and photos of payments received is always a great way to demonstrate that earning online really does exist. They're interesting to look at and exciting! However! As Cashie's duty to always warn you about scams when possible, you must always be aware of screen shots throughout advertisents around the net! Some could be fake!

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Example Proofs of Payments

Disclaimer DOES NOT promise or imply huge wealth, how to get rich quick, sudden cash, or intend to replace your job through the use of these promoted sites, etc. Get-rich-quick schemes only happen in fairy tales! will alert you of scam sites, however, some PTC (paid to click) sites have a habit of becoming a scam in the future. will not be held responsible if these sites turn out to be scams later on. Nonetheless, I will be updating constantly to inform people of deceiving sites, so check often!