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General Tips

This tips section helps in general for all the type of online sites out there that pay you or credit you for other valuables. Do not feel overwhelmed by all these suggestions. It may seem exhausting or a burden to learn but they do not have to be in this order and they're only suggestions for a good start.

10 General Suggestions:

  1. Register to PayPal and Payza to be able to earn payments from some sites (they're free to register to, and the safest way to spend and receive money online)
  2. Do NOT create more than one account per site unless it's not against the rules, but most paying sites only allow 1 per household, so be careful
  3. Use your primary email account (or a new account dedicated to paying and advertising sites) to register to these online paying sites
  4. For GPT survey sites like CashCrate, where you have to fill out surveys and forms to 3rd party sites, create multiple emails (but use your primary email to register to CashCrate and similar GPT survey sites)
    1. Some people recommend GMX email service since you can create multiple email accounts under one account
    2. Rotate emails every time you complete a offer, and delete browser cookies before starting a new offer
    3. If you're from the U.S., register your phone/cell number on the government site to minimize marketing calls or sign up for a phone number through Google Voice to block spam calls (yes, just like reporting email as spam)
  5. Make sure to check your primary email often to confirm your registrations and to be able to check for paid or rewarding emails from some sites
  6. Take notes on the sites you've joined, how much you've earn for the month, and how much you've invested (if any)
    1. Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Works Spreadsheet are great for these sort of things
  7. Log in on some sites every day to earn from your referrals or earn points only available once a day
  8. Use traffic exchange sites such as EasyHits4U to promote your referral links for even more money
    1. Don't use traffic exchange sites on websites with Google Adsense or other ad agencies because Google and the others will cancel your account, so use splash/portal pages with no ads to direct users to your sites with ads
  9. Do not spam your referral links or post your links anywhere unless you have permission or doesn't break the rules!
  10. Do not invest money on a site that hasn't paid you at least once, unless you're positive the site is very popular and legit