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PeopleString MailBox-Cashbox Tutorial

Part 2

6. You should be able to see a list of "deals".


7. Even though the postcard I received only had Black Grape Resveratrol in the deals list, the postcard works on all the currently available offers. But I'll only show you how I followed the directions for deal "Black Grape (#75)". The rest are similar. Just click on the red link.

mailboxcashbox img 5

8. On the directions it says "Enter your code and Earn $0.50 for just reading the Benefits of Resveratrol Page", meaning to click on the 'Benefits of Resveratrol' tab (squared in red) on the Black Grape Resveratrol website.

mailboxcashbox img 6

9. You will then be directed to the 'Benefits of Resveratrol' webpage...

mailboxcashbox img 7

10. After reading about the product, you'll see a PeopleString box below the page...

mailboxcashbox img 8

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[Last update: November 6, 2009]