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Web Hosting Sites - Share & Brand Yourself!

Web hosts are a must join for those wanting to take internet marketing seriously. Make a presence on the net with your own personal website or business site to share your content to others. Make sure to own your own domain and a hosting package for your web pages to share.

Web hosts also have their own affiliate programs to maximize their customer base through customers themselves. So make sure you advertise your own web host so that your hosting and domains pay for themselves or for some extra cash!

Code Green: Trusted!
  • Per Referral: $1 - $80
  • Waiting Time/Pay: Some time after 60 days
  • Membership: Free
  • Payment Methods: PayPal, Check
  • Minimum Payout: None?
  • Regions: International
  • Accounts/Household: 1 account per person
  • Inactivity Ban: N/A
  • Affiliate Levels: 1
  • Affiliate Bonuses: N/A
  • Overall Rating:
  • Category: Web Hosting
  • Comment: A web host with an affiliate program that pays members for recruiting. Non members can also join the affiliate program without being a customer!